We expect healthcare facilities including hospitals and care homes to be clean and germ-free; the safest place when you are ill or can no longer take care of yourself. However, this is not always the case as infections can easily be contracted and spread in healthcare facilities, which can have devastating consequences. Two of the most common superbugs caught in hospitals are MRSA and C.Diff but there are many more.

This is why a regular deep clean of all facilities and surfaces is vital. However for optimal results and to eliminate the risk of infection, deep cleaning of a healthcare facility should be dealt with by professionals. Our service involves thorough cleaning of all surfaces including ceilings, walls, trunking, skirting boards, fixtures, high level areas, furniture and soft furnishings.

Our deep cleaning service will keep the hygiene standards at a high level and will keep your hospital or care home compliant with Infection Control Guidelines. Our accredited team have extensive training for preventing and controlling outbreaks of all diseases and viruses that can occur. In addition, we ensure minimal disruption today to day running of your facility, while adhering to health and safety regulations.

We have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to tailor to every healthcare facility cleaning situation.